Ads Free until June 1, 2020

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We had a simple two-part mission when we started our work on

First, we wanted to create a simple, affordable and effective job board for Canadian employers who share our belief that immigration benefits Canada.

Second, we wanted to share success stories about progressive businesses and newcomers to Canada, and build consensus that immigration benefits Canada. Immigrants contribute to our society, culture and economy in many positive ways – and we need to share these stories and reach Canadians who still hold negative or ambivalent views about newcomers.

In our own small way, through the power of story, we want to help build a more inclusive and welcoming Canadian society.

We planned to launch the site on March 1 – which was pushed back a little, and then … like all of you, our plans – and our day-to-day life and work – was disrupted by the current Covid-19 emergency.

This is not the launch we had hoped for, but we have decided to open the site today and make all ads free for the months of April and May.

We know many employers are hurting, but some are still hiring – and we want to do our small part to help them.

So, all ad packages are free from today until June 1, 2020.

We also feel that our mission is more important today than ever. With some – including the US President – trying to use subtle and not so subtle racism to explain the Covid-19 crisis, we need to defend our values. Newcomers are valuable members of Canadian society – and will play crucial roles in fighting Covid-19 and in our country’s recovery. Let’s stay positive, united, and welcoming.

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One thought on “Ads Free until June 1, 2020

  1. Michael on Reply

    That’s very nice of you guys,i am a immigrant to Canada. Canada is the best country in the world. Through this pandemic everyone in the world can see that. We all Canadians fight together. Care about each other. Unlike other countries. We all Canadians hold our ground firmly to make us proud and show the world what we did. We are the country of divisity. Everyone contributes to our country no matter what color, race, old, young, no matter where you came from. We are brothers and sisters, bottom line We are all humans. We fight together and also show the world we are the best country and proud Canadians.

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