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At, we do more than post job ads.

We actively promote our site, and your job postings, across our professional and social platforms, and share your opportunity with immigrant-serving organizations.

We also work with our community partners – whether they are immigrant-serving agencies, business associations, or community development organizations – to highlight the positive contributions immigrants make to Canada.

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Highly Recommended

“David Nurse, founder of, was highly recommended by a number of our friends in the city and it became clear why in our very first meeting. David quickly understood our needs as new investors in the city and was able to advise us on the different paths we could take to process our immigration. He has since helped us hire multiple foreign employees and we completely rely on his advice for all our immigration needs.”

– Halifax Restaurant Owner and Operator, March 2020

Professionalism, Kindness, Strategy

“David is able to listen and translate our, often complex, needs into the legal context and still keep our meetings human and humorous! David’s seamless combination of professionalism, kindness and strategy come highly recommended.”

– Canadian CEO/Systems Change Strategist, March, 2020